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Radiators Choosing A Radiator

The size of a radiator needed will depend on the heat requirements for the room. The type will be determined by:

  • The amount of heat needed in the room.
  • The hanging space, height and width available.
  • Design and appearance.

The following guide can be used in order to calculate the approximate Btu/h output required. All outputs shown are based on a mean water temperature of 70 degrees and an ambient room temperature of 20 degrees. First, multiply the roomís height, width and length to get itís volume in cubic feet. Then, for bedrooms, kitchens and hallways multiply the volume by 4. As these require a temperature of 18 degrees. For bathrooms, living and dining rooms, multiply the volume by 5, these require a temperature of 21 degrees. If the room has large windows or outside walls, increase the total by 10%. To convert Btus to watts, multiply by 0.2931.

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