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Ulysses Steam Shower
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Hydrolux Quadrant Steam Cabin
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Novellini New Holiday 80 Pivot Door
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For years and years the steam shower was the most exhilarating part of the visit to your health spa or gym because of the relaxation it afforded to a tired body and mind.

The invigoration that it can offer is unparalleled after a days work, whether you toil outside in the sun, or indoors seated all day.

Manufacturers have wised up and are not focusing their sales of steam showers on the home user, in a wide array of products and styles.

What is a Steam Shower?

Essentially, a shower enclosure or cubicle, enclosed with a vapor, or water tight door that is built to hold in the steam that comes from a steam generator.

Most are equipped with a seat or bench to give you a place to relax during your steam shower.

 The steam generator heats the water to the boiling point and when vapor develop it will distribute them into the enclosure, filling it with warm moist steam.

Additionally most of the steam rooms that are available are also normal showers which have water controlling taps as well as one and sometimes more shower heads installed.

Because it is the first time that many home owners have been able to purchase the steam spa or steam shower, since they are so newly available, it is important to know some minimal information prior to shopping for or purchasing one.

A few items that need to be taken into consideration are

** In addition to the unit price, it is normal to expect to have to pay a contractor for installation unless you are a retailer who is equipped to install it.

**When you purchase your steam shower, ask for a plumber who is in the know about these units and has installed more than one. This should save on the hourly cost of installation.

ALWAYs purchase a unit with a warranty. One which fails to deliver steam after a few months and is not under warranty will be costly to repair.

Steam showers are not for those who have some types of medical conditions, primarily hypertension and diabetics should not use them.

Additionally, young children, infants and pregnant women should not use the steam shower.